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Tom Ellyatt

Tom Ellyatt collects the Nickelodeon Most Innovative Product Award 2015 - Bestway Europe

Tom Ellyatt collecting the Nickelodeon Most Innovative Product Award 2015 on behalf of Bestway Europe

A graduate of Westminster University, Tom began working at Wilton Bradley in June 2012.

We quickly recognised his potential and asked him to work on some Marketing projects for us. Since then, Tom has never looked back. He now manages the Marketing & Online Team, developing our brands through social media, digital marketing, trade fairs and TV advertising.

Tom enjoys working in Devon and even the journey to work doesn’t put him off. Having been used to London and spending two hours on the tube everyday, his 30 minutes travel time is a pleasure in comparison.

Tom says that the most enjoyable thing about working for Wilton Bradley is that he is able to make a difference and to be involved in projects with a national and international scope. He recently completed the London Marathon, enjoys DJing and rugby!