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Name Of CourseDurationDelivery MethodsKey Elements DeliveredWho for
Anxiety Awareness1.5 HrsMicrosoft Teams or Face-to-face* Defining anxiety and stress
* To understand the difference between them
* To  understand better how we can help ourselves
* To know who else we can speak to
* Anyone with responsibility for well-being at work
* Any workforce member wishing to develop their strategies for managing stress and anxiety
Business Letter Writing1.5 HrsMicrosoft Teams or Face-to-face* To understand the purpose of accurate letter writing
* To  understand the features of effective business letters
* To know the key elements/additional elements we can include
* To develop our language style
* To clarify structure when writing
* To gain practical experience in writing business letter(s)
* To look at some common grammatical mistakes
* Anyone with responsibility for communicating effectively in the written form
* Any workforce member who wishes to improve or refresh their skills
Change ManagementLong Course (3 x 1.5Hrs)Microsoft Teams or Face-to-face* Clarify the key elements in the process of organisational change
* Highlight problems, pitfalls, solutions, assistance available to manage change
* Develop understanding of the key principles involved in planning and managing organisational change
* New and aspiring leaders
* Anyone with responsibility for leading and managing organisational change, or any team members wishing to better understand the process(es) they are involved in    
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Basics2 HrsFace-to face* To better understand the meaning of the term ‘critical thinking.’
* To know more about how we actually think and process information
* To  understand how we behave when confronted by problems
* To build a toolkit for problem solving together
* To practice these skills
* Any workforce member working in fast-changing environments, where the need to solve problems and find new solutions present themselves regularly
* Existing and aspiring leaders and managers in pressure environments
Dealing With Difficult People & Situations3 HrsMicrosoft Teams or Face-to-face* Gain better understanding of the human behaviour involved when dealing with difficulty
* Develop strategies for handling these situations
* Know the required interpersonal/intrapersonal skills for handling difficulty
* Look at how you can develop yourself personally to improve skills
* Existing or aspiring leaders / managers at any level
* Any workforce members wishing to improve their professional and personal approach to dealing with difficult situations as they arise
* Any workforce member working in potentially volatile environments
Develop Your Assertiveness3 HrsFace-to-face* To know what true assertiveness is
* To understand other types of related behaviour
* To understand importance of assertiveness in the workplace
* To challenge flawed thinking processes
* To understand and develop use of body language when being assertive
* To develop assertive influencing techniques      
* All workforce members, at any level  
Effective Leadership3 HrsMicrosoft Teams or Face-to face* Know what leadership is
* Understand and investigate the many interchangeable leadership styles
* Begin to think more about the type of leader you want to be, moving forward
* Understand wider organisational issues that act as barriers to effective leadership, especially resource deployment
* Look briefly at project management styles
* Existing and aspiring leaders and managers at all levels, all departments
* Any workforce member wanting to improve their knowledge and understanding of what effective leadership looks like, and wanting to take steps to become a better leader
Equality, Diversity And Discrimination1 HrMicrosoft Teams or Face-to-face* Defining and understanding the terms
* Understanding the law that underpins a positive approach
* Understanding Equality Vs Equity, and explaining it in real terms
* Understanding protected characteristics, and different types of discrimination
* To know what positive action we can take to encourage equality and diversity
* To know the difference between diversity and inclusion
* To openly discuss banter and whether it is acceptable in the workplace
* To know what the ideal is        
* Any workforce member, at any level
* Anyone who is committed to making their workplace an inclusive environment, free from discrimination of any kind
Excel Basics2 x 1hr sessionsFace-to-face* To familiarise beginners with the basic functions of EXCEL
* To allow all users some practical experience to work through simple problems and create spreadsheets of their own
* Any workforce members new to EXCEL, or who feel that they need to brush up on the basics to help them perform their roles better.
Exhibition Good Practice & Trade Stand Etiquette2 HrsMicrosoft Teams or Face-to face* To make a careful audit of existing practice
* To share suggestions on how to ensure greater success in closing at trade shows
* To recap on the psychology of persuasion
* To reframe more easily
* To leave with a basic blueprint for future success
* To understand the need for sharing good practice moving forward
* Any existing or aspiring sales leaders / managers
* Any existing or aspiring sales team members
* Any workforce members directly involved in the setting up of, and running of, stands at trade shows
High-Impact Communication2.5 HrsMicrosoft Teams or Face-to-face* To define the term High-Impact Communication
* To know how to set the scene for High-Impact Communication
* To develop understanding of effective body language when communicating
* To improve our ability to use positive spoken language effectively
* To better know the link between active listening and communication    
* Any workforce member with an interest in better results through improved communication skills
* Any aspiring leader / manager who feels that improved communication skills would make them even better
* Anyone with responsibility for directly reporting to others, or regularly communicating
Managing Conflict2.5 HrsMicrosoft Teams or Face-to-face* To identify common causes of disagreements or conflict in the workplace
* To understand the science behind behaviour during confrontation
* To understand possible states of mind when faced with problems or conflicts
* To develop our personal toolbox for dealing with conflict
* To leave better positioned to manage our own feelings during confrontation
* Senior/strategic leaders
* Existing or aspiring leaders/managers who lead teams
* Any team member who values the ability to manage conflicts effectively when they arise
Negotiation Skills 2.5 HrsFace-to-face* To define the term negotiation
* To understand the impact of doing it well
* To develop knowledge and understanding of the basic skills / key principles of negotiation
* To know which traits help you succeed better when negotiating
* To investigate the PROBE model for negotiating
* To look at critical components such as BATNA / reservation point / bargaining range
* How better to work towards win/win scenarios            
* Any existing workforce member with responsibility for negotiating at any level
* Anyone new to sales and wishing to explore their own negotiating skills further
Persuading & Influencing Others3 x 1.5hr sessions (Long course)Face-to face* Defining the term persuasion
* Develop understanding of empathy and sincerity when influencing others
* Improve our knowledge of the importance of active listening as a tool for persuasion
* Develop our ability to retain attention of others
* Understand the link between body language and persuasion
* Develop our memory skills to give us a head start in persuasion
* Develop understanding of psycholinguistics and making words work for us
* How to use the telephone more successfully to our advantage
* The psychology of negotiation
* Dealing with objections and difficult people when persuading
* Develop understanding of the personality spectrum when influencing others                
* All existing and aspiring leaders and managers
* Any workforce member who deals routinely with other team members, and who may need to influence their actions and behaviours in the workplace
Practical Communication6 x 1hr sessions (Long course)Face-to-face* Written
* Oral
* Presentation skills – beyond just PPT; presenting ourselves
* Active Listening
* Non-verbal
* Feedback
* Respect whilst communicating
* Confidence
* Clarity
* Honesty
* Approachability
* Public Speaking 
* All existing and aspiring leaders and managers
* Any workforce member with responsibility for communicating to others, who wishes to improve their skills
Racism Awareness 1 HrMicrosoft Teams or Face-to-face* Define terms Race, racism and institutionalised racism
* Develop knowledge and understanding of how the law is designed to protect people against racism
* Develop understanding of what is acceptable in the workplace, or what is not
* Improve knowledge and understanding of protected characteristics        
* All workforce members wishing to improve their knowledge and understanding of racism and its implications in the workplace
* All leaders and managers interested in protecting their workforce from racism, and making their environments more positive places
Real Delegation2.5 HrsMicrosoft Teams or Face-to-face* To help us understand how our mind works when faced with opportunity to delegate
* To understand why we don’t delegate
* Key principles of delegation
* The process of delegation
* To understand better how to handle personal relationships to ensure best results
* Any existing or aspiring leaders or managers with responsibility for teams/individuals
* Any workforce member wishing to develop their delegation skills, in order to improve leadership/management, and wishing to improve their time management skills
Thinking Skills / Creative Thinking2 HrsMicrosoft Teams or Face-to-face* To know more about how we actually think and process information
* What different types of thinking are there?
* How can we foster these thinking skills as we work?  
* Any workforce member with responsibility for making quick decisions in high-pressure environments
* Anyone who wants to develop their understanding of how better to act and react when things change direction  
Train The TrainerBespokeFace-to-face* How to motivate others
* Training needs analysis
* Measuring existing standards
* Enabling trainees to choose best learning style for them
* Making training relevant
* Choosing and using effective mentors
* Focussing on results
* Developing openness to new training methods in others
* Using practical learning effectively
* Training with a plan-do-review approach  
* Any existing or aspiring trainers, who wish to improve their ability to train and manage high-quality workforce members. This could include:
– Own company’s in-house training
– Onboarding
– Ongoing training resulting from effective performance reviews    
1:1 Executive & Professional CoachingBespokeFace-to-face* To develop any individual, at any level, to become the best version of themselves professionally that they can be.
* To work with the individual to come to own conclusions as where to steer their own professional development
* To provide a safe, constructive environment in which to explore development options, and set reachable, relevant targets to maximise capacity for success
* To provide challenge and constructive feedback to the individual, in order to facilitate growth and improvement in their role(s)
* Any workforce member, at any level, wishing to develop themselves professionally, and achieve better outcomes through self-steered development tasks and discussions  
Performance Review PackagesBespokeFace-to-face* To provide a bespoke, relevant programme of performance review and target setting
* To provide a robust framework within all staff can undertake and receive reviews and feedback on their performance, as well as SMART targets to enable rapid growth, progression in skills and progress in their career(s)
* To provide a fair and proportionate vehicle for developing all
* Any workforce, any size
* Can either work with your own delegated staff to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding in performance management, review and target setting, or can provide bespoke programmes with a per-capita cost for undertaking these activities for yo
* Documentation templates provided after training is complete, if we train your staff to undertake the programmes