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In order to be the best, we believe that it’s all about the workforce. That’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest quality training and development opportunities for all.

Whether a director, manager, or fulfil any other duty at the company, every person has the opportunity to be the best professional version of themselves. We are incredibly proud of our training and development department, which offers, among other things:

  • A huge selection of in-house, soft-skill training opportunities, led by our highly committed Training & Development Officer.
  • Access to regular, relevant training via our on-line learning platform.
  • Access to 1:1 coaching and mentoring
  • Bespoke training packages to suit every department
  • Excellent opportunity for other organisations to tap into our expertise, in order to develop their own workforce.

And that’s not all. With both remote and in-house training facilities available, we make sure that everyone inside the company, and further afield, can have the chance to train and develop the way they want to, at their own pace.

If you’re interested in knowing more, contact our Training and Development Officer, Iannis Ireland [email protected]

Here is some of the feedback that Iannis has received after delivering training.

“The ability to consider the overall outcomes expected from a team will guide the methodology I will employ when dealing with a team.” (Director, Effective Leadership)

“Understanding the wide variety of leadership styles and the different results they can achieve was really useful – and that it is ok to use more than one!” (Aspiring Manager, Effective Leadership)

“Taking the training with my colleagues enabled us to speak about examples relevant to our roles which was good.” (Team Leader, Effective Leadership)

“It was great to confirm that some of the tools I already use are the right ones, but also being able to reflect on my own state of mind when I’m challenged as a manager was incredibly useful” (Warehouse Manager, Managing Conflict)

“Thanks to this training provided, I believe I will be able to communicate with people more effectively and handle situations in a different way than I normally would. The 3 different training courses that I have been on all link together and have provided me with a lot of useful knowledge.” (National Sales Director, High-Impact Communication)

“This training will really help me evaluate and consider the needs of others when trying to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.” (Buyer, Negotiation Skills)

“The format of the presentation, mixed with interacting with the group made it very easy to digest.” (Customer Services Advisor, Develop Your Assertiveness)

“I found the most helpful aspect were the real life scenarios, for example meetings without agendas and how to deal with these. I thought Iannis included everyone, irrespective of their role, and we were all encouraged to ask and answer questions. I also liked how he encouraged us to share our real-life issues sensitively, so we could look at our most relevant issues in real time and come to solutions. To make that fun as well is not easy, which he did.” (E-Commerce Lead, Develop Your Assertiveness)

“I thought that the sensitive issue of anxiety awareness was handled incredibly well, and really made me more aware of what my team members were actually feeling when they said that they were worried about something. Knowing where these feelings came from was so useful, and will definitely change the way we work together as a team. It even prompted me to look at how I manage my own anxiety, and this has impacted on my attendance at work greatly. The 1:1 coaching I asked for and received from Iannis as a result was so valuable.” (Warehouse Team Leader, Anxiety Awareness)