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ClearWater Chemicals

Wilton Bradley are the UK’s leading consumer brand supplying water treatment for the use in domestic pools and hot tubs, providing chemical sanitisers such as Sodium Dichloroisocyanuric Acid and Trichloroisocyanuric Acid in the form of powder chemical and tablet applications; these treatments are essential in the prevention of infections such as Pseudomonas dermatitis, Legionnaires’ Disease, Shigellosis and E. coli.

We also supply Chlorine disinfectant tablets that can be diluted by consumers to various strengths depending on their intended use. Typical uses of these tablets include general disinfection, toilets, drains, sinks, food preparation areas, baby bottle sterilisation, cloths and mops.

There are approximately 1 million homes with hot tubs in the UK and it is crucial that they are regularly treated with specialist water treatments and disinfectants. Warm water mixed with body fats provides the perfect breeding place for highly dangerous bacteria, just a few days without the appropriate treatment can result in life threatening infections.

It is essential that we can maintain continuity of supply as the consequences of a shortage are life threatening.

Further detail including product safety data sheets etc are available upon request.

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